Photographer Bio

My name is Evan Skuthorpe.

Photography has been a passion of mine for some time now. I shoot analogue and digital - in large and medium formats as well as in 35mm. My interest lays in the banality of everyday life, in the documentary aspect of recording our environment and our time, in photojournalism, and in the prospect of change and evolution and all that this serves up to the photographer/artist in me.

I live in an urban environment and so shooting this is both my go-to subject. With this disposition, I'm inspired by the work of Harry Gruyaert, Todd Hido, William Eggleston, Steven Shore, Walker Evans, Eirik Johnson, Martin Parr and many many more. I appreciate collective bodies of work over single photos and so this is what I shoot.

"what is clear is that a number of ‘good pictures’ are no longer enough; today it has to be about ideas, and about the intent of the work."

Mark Power, Magnum photographer

In furthering my passion, I’m currently studying a BA (Hons) Photography degree and plan on taking this incredible academic adventure of mine to Masters level, eventually, when time and work and kids allow ...

I carry my camera/s with me everywhere I go. I shoot for the love of the art. I shoot to document and record. I will publish a number of photo books one day. To date, I’ve had a photo displayed in an exhibition and have been lucky enough to have some of my time-lapse and aerial (drone) videos featured by well-known websites including Timeout, Londonist, Visit London, Business Insider among others. My aerial work has been featured on iTV news and I've turned down requests for BBC radio interviews.

I photograph for the love of the art and aim to produce work that is admired by other artists and the layman alike, one day. If nothing comes of it however, perhaps when I'm dead and gone I may posthumously be known as the next Vivian Maier.

"I am going to make a name for myself. If I fail, you will never hear of me again."

Eadweard Muybridge, photographic pioneer

A self-portrait photograph of photographer Evan Skuthorpe