6 photographs

The Houses of Funningur

The beauty of the Faroe Islands is not only limited to the landscapes, but the dwellings and villages too. I shot this brief essay while travelling around the Faroes in October 2016.


I visited the Faroe Islands in October of 2016 to shoot the landscapes of the country I'd admired for some time. I hired a car to in order to see this stunning place, shooting in locations I'd scoped out prior to going, as well as found locations along the way. The weather was agreeable, lending itself to photography and only rained a little too much occasionally. My shutter release cable and GPS unit helpfully stopped working somewhere between London and VĂ¡gar meaning I had to reply on my camera timer and delayed shutter release, which with fast moving clouds and water, wasn't ideal, but I managed. I didn't take my 10 stop ND filter instead taking a 5 stop variable ND filter which allowed for 1 second exposures in bright sun light.

Staying in an isolated and warm cabin, my downtime involved YouTube clips and rediscovering music, particularly Roy Orbison, while consuming lots of good whiskey. I ventured outside in the pitch black of night withstanding the cold as long as I could to shoot star trails while waiting and hoping for the Aurora Borealis, to no avail. I nearly killed myself lugging my heavy gear walking and hiking up mountains but it was worth the effort. I shopped for foreign foods at local super markets and drove on the wrong side of the road, through single lane one-way tunnels and mountain tracks to former NATO radar bases - the stuff I love about travelling.

With a descent worthy of a Top Gear episode, I drove to a small village called Funningur in the north east of Eysturoy, passing over the top of the island through changing wind and rain to get there. Here, I present a relatively short series of 6 photos, shot in the rain, of some distinctive Faroese house styles as seen to great effect in Funningur.

Shot in digital and post-processed.