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The Changing Face of the East End

London is a city that has undergone large amounts of change over time, and in recent years, this change has accelerated, particularly in the East End.


London is a city that has seen and undergone vast amounts of change over the years. Since the early 2000's and more so in recent years, this has accelerated, particularly in the East End. This change has been driven by redevelopment, with new housing, old buildings demolished and re-worked roadways and routes. This affects the urban landscape both in terms of aesthetic and in its social make up - making for a very interesting time in the history of the East End.

The East End is full of post-war and period architecture giving it a unique feel compared to other areas of the city. Although much of the East End is in poor state of repair or dereliction. With so much change happening now and changes planned into the future, it is inevitable some of these derelict or run down areas will be destined to change. New buildings are replacing old, or old building facades being preserved with newer interiors integrated within, this change is both obvious and brutal, or subtle and unseen. Regardless, the change, for good and bad, is constant.

With this photo essay, I sought to capture and document the urban landscape. I shot this essay in analogue and used digital techniques to combine and create composite works of the London's East End. This considered approach was conceived to convey the very essence of the old and new that results from this change. In the very practice of capturing the old and the new - the old (analogue) and new (digital).