12 photographs


A photo series documenting my wife in labour with our third child in an NHS 'Home From Home' room - shot in digital, processed as black and white.


My wife and I were having our third child. Nine months earlier when I was told she was pregnant, it hadn't occurred to me to document the labour. In fact, it hadn't occurred with either of the first two. Back then, I'd only managed the 'excited-new-father' snaps of the doll-like new born once delivered and wrapped up. Granted these were far more considered shots with the sort of composition only a photographer would shoot. In fact, the whole concept to document this birth only occurred probably a few days or a couple of weeks before the due date. I don't even remember now. What I do remember is telling my wife I would like to and she said yes.

I only documented when I wasn't providing water or fetching something else. I was also conscious not to photograph when the midwife was in the room as the NHS is funny with that kind of thing... something to do with Socialism and facts probably... I did however document all the way through from settling into the room right up until near the final push. And afterwards too.

This body of work was photographed using the existing ambient light of the room, in digital with RAW files processed to black and white in post-production, for the purpose of removing a certain level of intimacy.