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Black and White

Like a film from your childhood, black and white photography can evoke memories of timeless tales or tell stories you'd rather forget.


Paris for her birthday

In 2010 I took my then girlfriend to Paris for her birthday. It was lovely and sunny the whole time we were there and it made a nice break from the dreary rainy weather we're used to in London and so we decided to get the train to the Palace of Versailles on one of these lovely sunny Spring days.

There's a big lake in the grounds of the Palace and we saw you could go out on the lake in one of the rental row boats and it was one of the best, most lovely days of our lives. While I was sitting back relaxing and allowing my fiancé to do all the rowing, I took this shot, unwittingly capturing a tourist on the shores edge taking a photo of us two.

We only noticed him in the background when viewing the shots on our computer when we got back home.

Photo by Tim Allen
Photo: Tim Allen

A lived in face

I took this photo during a day out in Ramsgate in Kent, England as part of a project with my friend Pip. Many of the seaside towns we visited for the project had two sides to them; a side that was bright and clean and another that was in need of a lick of paint, so to speak. This club looked like a truly classy establishment and I say that in a typically sarcastic English fashion! The more I looked at the photo the more I liked it. The guy in the doorway had a lived-in face and was enjoying his cigarette, the posters told you all you needed to know about what the club was like, and then I spotted the lady sitting behind the signs. Did she work there? Was she one of the dancers that were maybe misrepresented on the poster? I resisted the urge to go inside and walked on by...

Photo by Ife Jackson
Photo: Ife Jackson

The sadness in her eyes

This picture was captured during a monthly photography gathering in Atlanta, GA. Something about her eyes made me think of the sadness we all try to hide only to be betrayed by our eyes. Sadness tucked away behind the walls we erect to keep people out and to preserve ourselves. Even with all her toughness, she is just as fragile as the rest of us.

Photo by Fabio Nodari
Photo: Fabio Nodari

Castellana Caves

Castellana Caves in Italy are one of the most amazing places I have ever seen.

The entrance is represented by an enormous vertical tunnel 60 meters-long. Only the main cave was known in the past and people believed that it was the entrance to Hell (I didn't know Hell had so many entrances)!

Once you get in, you realize how small you are. This place is immense.

It is always challenging to take original shots of famous spots. It's not easy to find an original composition and places like this are almost always crowded. I wanted to transmit the idea of a remote and forgotten place. For this reason I opted for the black and white. The main difficulty was finding a moment when people were not in front of my lens. Since no tripods are allowed, I had to push my old Canon 450D up to 1600iso, hold my breath and push the shutter button. The result is the picture you see.


Winter in London

It was a very cold winters night and my mate and his wife met me to take a few shots of the picturesque London Eye landscape. While he was setting up his camera and tripod I managed to sneakily grab this image. I had to use a tripod because of the slow shutter speed and a low angle to capture the clear reflections in the puddle. Luckily they stayed pretty still so capturing them in the reflections worked.

It is a moody London but that’s exactly why I like it!

Photo by Liz Boyd
Photo: Liz Boyd

Hand in hand

After arriving at the Sunday market, we realized we'd forgotten to put Freddie's buggy in the boot. Now, Freddie doesn't do 'walking' and is heavier than he looks to carry. Panic set in between my Husband and I. This trip out was going to be hard work. After griping at each other over whose fault it was that the sacred buggy had been left, George took Freddie by the hand and slowly together they walked the whole way round hand in hand.

This image is now on a big canvas in our lounge to remind us to never under estimate our children and the beauty of brotherhood.


Music is his life

Music is an art. To perfect it takes skill, patience, and passion. Some do it for the money. He does it because it satisfies his desire to be different. He creates music that pleases him.

His life's story shines through his music. Music is his life, but also who he is. He also influences others to look at him differently. He has left the past in the past and lets his music travel further into the future. There’s something interesting about this man that I saw at metro centre that night. He was caring, joyous, courageous, and inspiring to the people that walked by to give him some money, and to the one's who just stared and hoped that life gets better for this man. People like him don’t consider this form of access to money; he does it out the sadness of his heart.