The Anonymity of People

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People in cities are everywhere and all around us, but just who are they? Their anonymous nature has been photographed for all to see.

Shooting the Faroes

In 2016 I visited the Faroe Islands on a solo photography trip. Here, I share some footage shot in 4k on a GoPro.

The Changing Face of the East End

London is a city that has undergone large amounts of change over time, and in recent years, this has accelerated, particularly in the East End.

The Houses of Funningur

The beauty of the Faroe Islands is not only limited to the landscapes, but the dwellings and villages too.

1 Second A Day 2016


The year 2016 as seen 1 second per day. The year was eventful with the birth of my third son while the other boys are growing and developing. There was less travel than last year but included a wedding in Scotland, a solo trip to the Faroe Islands and a kid-free trip to Rome for my wife and I to visit my mum for her 60th birthday.


A series documenting my wife in labour with our third child in an NHS 'Home From Home' room - shot in digital, processed as black and white.

Photographing the Thames: On 16-year-expired Film

Inspired by the proposed Garden Bridge, photographer Evan Skuthorpe has captured the view along and around the Thames that will no longer exist if the proposed bridge is built.

The Interesting Things: On The Road To Scotland

The second part in documentary series The Interesting Things, photographer Evan Skuthorpe has captured On The Road To Scotland.

The Interesting Things: On The Ground

In the first of a new series documenting life, photographer Evan Skuthorpe has captured The Interesting Things On The Ground.

A Picture of London


A 4K / UHD time-lapse film shot over 2013 and 2015 in London. Shooting primarily took place in central London, namely along the Thames in the City and in the West End and also in East London.

A Journey

Life is a journey. These are our stories of adventures, our lessons learned, family, life and death. A Journey in photos and stories.

Duxford Flying Legends Air Show

The Flying Legends Air Show at Duxford near Cambridge is an annual event showcasing aircraft from the first and second world wars and some more recent.

London Life

London is the world's unrivalled premier city. Here we see a snapshot of this world city told through the eyes of those who live there.

The View from The Shard

We take a look at 'The View from The Shard', London's highest viewing area in Western Europe's tallest building all from it's second ever day of operation.

Black and White

Evocative photos telling timeless stories, captured forever. Our inaugural photo theme - black and white.

1 Second A Day 2015

1 second per day for the year 2015.

Neuro Silence

A time-lapse shoot with the Mr Four Fingers crew.

1 Second A Day 2014

The year 2014 captured 1 second per day.

London Goes By

A time-lapse of London shot over 2012 and 2013.